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The Story Behind

To Deliver the Luxury and Quality that you and your products deserve. The idea for Lavish concepts, like most good products and businesses, was born out of a need of our founders who were tired of looking for premium accessories for their Apple products. All that the market had to offer was either funky-looking cheaper alternatives or super expensive imported products from international brands. This led to our founding team, Consisting of serial entrepreneurs with diverse backgrounds and experience in eCommerce and D2C brands, electronics and retail, it seemed that they were perfectly suited to solve this challenge, and fulfill this gap in the market. After thorough market and product research, a survey of over 1000 apple users, and sampling products from almost all existing brands in the market, the idea for Lavish Concepts was germinated. After identifying the need, the biggest challenge was to source and deliver such high-quality products, directly to the customers, at a price No doubt that Apple products have ever-lasting designs, The biggest irk of all apple users is how all of their devices look similar, and hence every iPhone, apple watch, AirPods user invests in accessories to personalize their favorite devices. Apple products are one of the finest pieces of technology and design in the world, and the accessories should do justice to them. This vision made the company’s value clear. We set out to create an exclusive brand that provides premium and luxurious personalization accessories for your favorite iPhone, watch, and AirPods. Our team of designers and design thinkers took time to understand the needs and wants of the users, and created Lavish Concept's first few ranges of products for your iPhone, apple watch, and AirPods. Our team makes sure that our products are sourced ethically and sustainably and we make deep efforts to deliver high-quality products that have no match in the market.


About Lavish Concepts

Lavish Concept is an exclusive brand of high-quality accessories for Apple devices. Setup to create premium quality accessories for all of your apple devices, LC has launched its first range of exclusive mobile covers, Watch straps and cases, and AirPods covers. Finely designed and of premium quality, LC products are here to redefine luxury for you and your device.


Luxury Redefined

Lavish // sumptuously rich and luxurious

Concepts // a plan or intention

These 2 words come together to define our ethos and vision with the brand. We aim to provide a range of accessories that are intentional and luxurious for your apple devices.


Our Values

1. Intentionally Designed

Each product of ours goes through multiple rounds of design and feedback loops before we are ready to launch it

2. Ethical Practices

We make sure that our product and supply chain follows ethical practices

3. Standard of Quality

We strive for a standard of quality that defines luxury for you.

4. The Ideal companion

The intention behind designing each of our products is to create the ideal companion for you and your apple devices


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